Explore Qatar University Metro Station in 2024: Gateway to Modern Mobility

The busiest station in Qatar is the University Metro where every day thousands of people travel and the majority strength is for students. The station started to operate in 2019 and it is located on the Doha Metro Line. In addition, the most important is the main campus of Qatar University which exists in the district of Al Aziziyah.

Open and Close Time

Qatar University metro station timing from Monday to Sunday is listed in the table if you are unaware of them.





To First Train Station Close First Train Station Close First Train Station Close First Train Station Close
Lusail QNB 06:08 23:59 05:56 23:59 05:56 01:00 14:33 01:00
Al Wakra 05:42 23:59 05:36 23:59 05:36 01:00 14:04 01:00
Hamad Intl Airport 05:36 23:59 05:39 23:59 05:39 01:00 14:10 01:00

Explore Qatar University Metro Station

Qatar University Metro Station to Doha Festival City

Which way is the shortest or best to reach Doha Festival City from the Qatar University metro station? If you travel by car then its distance is 9.4 km and a maximum of 15 minutes is required.

Map / Location

Just for audience convenience, the location of Qatar Metro is now available and just do single direction will be started on your screen. Everyday many foreigners and tourists come but they never know about its destination. So, they can easily reach this station via a map.


Which is the main station of Qatar Metro?

The main station of the Doha Metro is Msheireb, which serves as the central interchange hub for the Red, Green, and Gold lines.

Are metro buses still free in Qatar?

As of the latest update, the Metrolink buses in Qatar, which provide feeder services to the Doha Metro, are not free. They require a fare which can be paid via a travel card.

Which line is Hamad metro station on?

The Hamad Metro Station is located on the Red Line of the Doha Metro.

Which metro line goes to Lusail?

The Red Line of the Doha Metro goes to Lusail, covering several key locations along its route.


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