Complete Guide to Qatar Health Card Renewal – Step by Step Process

If you have a health card but it expired then collect info about Complete Guide Qatar Health Card Renewal {تجديد البطاقة الصحية} in Qatar. The Qatari government highly values its healthcare system. It issues health cards to all citizens. These cards grant residents access to healthcare services at subsidized rates. The services are available in all government hospitals across the country.

To enhance healthcare facilities in the country the Qatari government also made heavy investments in the expansion and sustentation of the healthcare system to secure its regulations and effectiveness. Now, the Qatari Government fabricated this health care system fully digital. So that it will be more accessible, efficient, and a faster way to track the patient’s record.

تجديد البطاقة الصحية قطر

A step-by-step guide on the Hukoomi Health Card Renewal process is given. You can complete all procedures online.

Step 1: Access the Service Website

To begin the process, visit the Hukoomi government services website at This page is dedicated to handling different requests related to health cards in Qatar.

Step 2: Select the Desired Option

Upon accessing the page, you will be presented with three options:

  • Renew: Choose this option if you want to renew your existing health card.
  • Reprint: Select this if you need to reprint your health card.
  • Check Expiry: Use this to check the expiry date of your health card.

Select the Desired Option

Step 3: Initiate Renewal Process

Click on the Renew option to start the renewal process for your health card. This action will lead you to the application form specifically for renewing your health card.

Initiate Renewal Process

Step 4: Fill Out the Application Form

Complete the application form by providing all the required information. This may include personal details, health card numbers, and any other necessary documentation needed for the renewal process.

Fill Out the Application Form

Step 5: Enter Payment Details

After filling out the application form, proceed to enter your payment details. This step involves specifying your payment method and providing the necessary payment information to cover the renewal fee.

Enter Payment Details

Step 6: Submit the Application

Once all the information has been entered and verified for accuracy, click on the Submit button to finalize your application for the health card renewal. Ensure that all details are correct to avoid any delays or issues with your renewal.

Submit the Application

Additional Steps:

After submission, you might receive a confirmation via email or a notification on the website itself confirming that your application has been received and is being processed. Keep track of any reference numbers provided for future inquiries or follow-ups.


The Hukoomi health card is also called the Hamad health card. It is provided by Hamad Medical Corporation to all Qatari residents so that everyone can avail of healthcare services within the country at subsidized rates.

 It brings several benefits which are listed below:

  • Access to healthcare:

By using this card, residents can avail of healthcare services by visiting any primary healthcare center or clinic in the country and get treatment without paying anything. 

  • Discounts on medication:

You can get a 50% discount on your medication if you are suffering from chronic illness and need regular medication. You need to show your health card at the pharmacy to save money.

  • Emergency services:

By having this card, you become eligible for emergency medical services, which means that you can visit any public hospital in case of emergency and avail treatment without spending anything.

  • Online services:

This card will also help you to avail online services such as booking appointments, viewing your medical records, and ordering medication online.

  • Preventive care:

Accessing a range of preventive care services, including health screenings, immunizations, and health education, is also possible with this card.

Renewal Charges / Fees

The administration of Qatar Health Card decides the proper charges plan for the renewal process. The latest fee plan for the Qatar Health card is now given.

Expatriate residents

QR 100

  • Qatari citizens
  • GCC nationals
  • Domestic staff

QR 50

How to Renew Offline this Card?

The following steps are needed to follow if you are in favor of renewing your Qatar health card offline.

  1. Physically visit any of the Primary Health Care Corporation’s (PHCC) health centers in Qatar.
  2. Provide the required documents for identification such as your current health card, QID, or passport.
  3. Fill out the given form.
  4. Pay the fee at the delegated fees counter.
  5. After confirming the payment, your renewal application will proceed.
  6. You will get a new temporary health card to avail of the health services while your card is being processed.
  7. After this, you will be able to receive your new card within a few working days from the same center where you applied.
  8. Note: Make sure that you bring all the required documents and payment in cash while visiting the center for your card renewal.
  9. The offline procedure of card renewal may take more time than online.

How to Check Expiry Date of Health Card?

You can follow the following steps to find out about the expiry date of your Hukoomi Health Card in Qatar:

  • Visit the Hukoomi website at
  • Click on the “Health” tab in the main menu.
  • Under the Health section, select “Health Cards.”
  • Choose “Check Health Card Expiry Date.”
  • Enter your QID (Qatar ID) number and the CAPTCHA code.
  • Click on “Submit” to see the expiry date of your Hukoomi Health Card.
hukoomi health card renewal

How to Get again Lost or Damage Qatar Health Card?

Majority of the people keep their health cards in their Violet but sometimes if you lose their Violet then automatically your health will lost.

  • First Option: If your health card does not expire but unfortunately you have lost then Qatari residents will pay QR 50 and non-Qatri residents pay QR 100.
  • 2nd Option: Health card has expired and lost then you need to pay QR 100 for Qatari National and non-Qatri QR 200.

Furthermore, this card is compulsory for all residents of Qatar, and even expatriates are also included. It also exemplifies the Government’s allegiance to guarantee that everyone has direct access to high-quality health services regardless of their nationality and socioeconomic status.

A health card is used to cover the cost of medical treatments and it works as proof of eligibility for health care services you can avail. You must have a valid health card to avail all the healthcare services in government and private hospitals. To avoid any inconvenience in accessing the healthcare facilities make sure to renew your card timely before the expiration date.

In this post, we will help you to learn and understand the procedure of Qatar Hukoomi Health card renewal. The validity of a health card in Qatar varies depending on the type of card. The standard health card issued by the Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) is valid for one year from the date of issue. However, some other health insurance cards issued by private insurance companies may have different validity periods.


How do I renew my Qatar health card?

To renew your Qatar health card, visit the Hukoomi government services website at, select the “Renew” option, fill out the application form, provide payment details, and submit the form.

How to check Health Card expiry date online?

To check the expiry date of your health card online, navigate to the same Hukoomi service page, select the “Check Expiry” option, and enter your health card details to view its expiry date.

How much is a new Health Card in Qatar?

The cost of a new health card in Qatar varies based on the applicant’s status (citizen, resident, etc.), but typically, it is 100 QAR for adults and 50 QAR for children.

How to get a Health Card in Qatar for a Bachelor?

A bachelor in Qatar can obtain a health card by applying at a designated Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) health center. You need to submit a completed application form, passport copy, visa copy, and a photograph, along with the applicable fee.

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