How To Check Qatar Visa Status?

There is a Qatar e-services portal on the MOI website. There is a proper guide about (How To Check Qatar Visa Status). A digital platform that allows visitors, citizens, and businesses to obtain several services provided by the Ministry of Interior online.

The portal offers a variety of services linked to visas, residency permits, traffic offenses, automobile registration, and many more Ministry of Interior-related services. Individuals may access the portal via the Ministry of Interior’s website or the Metrash2 mobile app. The portal intends to make it simpler and more accessible for users to acquire government services without visiting government offices.

Qatar Visa Status Check Through MOI Qatar

You can easily check your Qatar visa application status by using the Moi Qatar official website. It is so simple to check and track the status of your application by entering your passport or visa number

  • Press the “Visa Services” option on the MOI webpage
Visa Services
  • Go into “Visa Inquiries and Printing“.
Visa Inquiries and Printing
  • You can use your passport or visa number to check.
passport or visa number
  • To view your visa status, click “Submit”.

To get accurate results and information about your visa application while checking the status of your application you must consider the following:

  • Ensure that your visa is still valid.
  • Update the status of your Visas.
  • Make sure that your travel provider processes Qatar visas on schedule.

Qatar Visa Status Check by Passport Number

People can check their Qatar visa status by passport. To people’s knowledge, all processes are the same like Visa numbers. But at the place of Visa Number people will choose Passport Number. Another process you will same.

Qatar Visa Center Services:

Those seeking assistance to apply for a Qatar visa can even get help and support from the Qatar Visa Center online. The site center offers a range of visa-related services, including:

  • Visa Application and Visa Tracking:

QVC also provides a system that helps visa applicants check their visa application status online. This feature is useful when the visa is approved and ready to collect.

  • Document Checking: 

QVC can help you by checking all your submitted documents to verify whether they meet all the Qatari Government requirements. So it will be very useful while completing the documentation process.

  • Appointment Scheduling: 

QVC also allows you to book an appointment online for your visa application and provides you with enough information for the documents that are required during the appointment.

  • Customer Support: 

Customer service is available to visa applicants by email, phone, and in person. The support team is ready to respond to applicants’ questions and guide them through the procedure for requesting a visa.

Altogether, the QVC provides a range of services to help individuals make the visa application process more accessible and efficient. QVC guides applicants through every step of the process, from document verification to visa monitoring, assuring a hassle-free experience in acquiring their visa to visit Qatar.

Things to do Before Visiting Qatar

  • Before going, double-check your visa.
  • You should get your visa printed.
  • Examine your occupation and visa.
  • Check the validity of your VISA.
  • If there are any problems, do not pay your agency.
  • Avoid the traps set by agents.

How to Check the Status of Your Qatar Visa on the Qatar Visa Center’s (QVC) Website

YOu simply need to follow the below steps:

  • browse the Qatar Airways website (
  • At the upper corner of the page, press the “Track Application” button.
  • Fill up the blanks with your application reference number and passport number.
  • Choose the “Track” tab.
  • The current standing of your Qatar visa application will then be shown.

How to Check the Status of a Qatar Visa Using Your Passport Number

To check and track your visa application status by using your passport you just need to enter your passport number and that is it.

  • To verify your ID, go to “”.
  • Step two is to press the “inquiry” button.
  • Start by choosing the “Visa Enquiry” option.
  • And by providing the Visa and Passport numbers, “press submit”.
  • To print your Qatar Visa Status, press the “Print Visa” button.

Qatar Visa Extension

By using The Ministry of Interior’s (MOI) official website you can apply for a visa extension online or can do it by visiting their embassy.

Follow these steps:

  • Smartcard authentication for “MOI e-services”.
  • For visa extensions, go to “Visa Services.”
  • Insert your passport or visa number here.
  • Choose a nation.
  • Tap the captcha code.
  • Pay the fees and select the extended duration.

Qatar Visa Extension Fees

A monthly extension charge of QR 200 is required for Qatar visas.

Qatar Visa Tracking Using the MOI

You can go to the Ministry of Interior’s website to check whether your visa is approved or not by following these simple steps:

  • Check out the website of the MOI in Qatar.
  • Enter your”Application Number.”
  • Under “Visa Type,” select “Visit.”
  • Insert your sponsor’s QID.
  • Select “Nationality.”
  • Properly completes the Captcha.
  • Then click the “submit button”.
  • Your approval status for Qatari visitor visas will be shown.

Verify Qatari Residents’ Visa Status

The Ministry of Interior offers an online platform that lets you check whether your Qatari resident visa has been confirmed:

  • Visit the MOI website.
  • Complete the fields with “Application Number.”
  • On the “Visa Type” page, select “Residency.”
  • Fill in the “QID Sponsor” or “Application Date.”
  • Fill out the Captcha correctly.
  • Then press the “Submit” button.
  • See the progress of your Qatari resident visa approval.

From all the above-given information you can easily check your visa application status through the MOI website or QVC online.

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