How to Apply for Qatar Family Visit Visa Offline

Applicants can also apply for a Qatar family visit visa by visiting the embassy without doing it online. In this scenario, applicants have to fill out a physical form and submit it with all the important documents that are required for that process.

How to apply for Qatar Family Visit Visa Offline

It may be necessary to make an appointment at the embassy before the visit and make sure that before applying for the visa your passport should be valid for at least 6 months.

You may need the following documents:

  • If verification is required, a passport, a QID, and a letter from the employer may needed.
  • To show where the visitor will be staying in Qatar, you’ll need a copy of your lease or Kahramaa bill. 
  • A marriage certificate is required to substantiate your relationship with your spouse.

Application Process

  1. With all the documents mentioned above visit any MoI service center
  2. You will then receive a token number at Reception. 
  3. Go to the counter when your token number shows up on the screen
  4. Then meet the Captain for final approval when they instruct you to do so
  5. Your application will be approved by the captain.
  6. Then you will receive a receipt once your application is accepted and you can check it after some days.
  7. After two days you can check the status online by using the given link on the receipt 
  8. Users of Metrash2 will be notified when the status changes. 
  9. You can also pay the fees online by using Metrash2, or can pay them directly by visiting the MoI Service Center.

How To Extend Family Visit Visa

1. Documents required

You need to assemble all the following documents while applying to extend the Qatar family visit visa.

  • Your passport must still be valid for at least six months. 
  • An image of your residence card 
  • A duplicate of your marriage license (if applicable) 
  • A copy of the birth certificate for your child (if applicable) 
  • Employment verification in Qatar (e.g., a letter from your employer) 
  • Evidence of income (e.g., bank statements or payslips) 
  • Filled-out application form

2. Document submission

After accumulating all the required documents, It’s necessary to submit them all to the appropriate authorities in Qatar.

The whole procedure and requirements may vary depending on the visa you are applying for or based on your nationality.

However, you need to submit all required documents online or by visiting the nearest embassy.

3. Pay the application fee

Visa extension services usually come up with a non-refundable application fee. You have to pay this fee before processing the application.

that certain amount of fees may vary according to the type of visa and your nationality.

4. Await a decision

you need to be patient after submitting your application because it may take many days or months to obtain a decision from the Qatar authorities.

It is also better not to contact the authorities by yourself again and again regarding your application status because it may cause further delay.

When authorities make a decision they will update you by sending an email or by a post.

Once your application is approved, you can collect the visa from the relevant authorities in Qatar. It’s important to collect the visa within 30 days after receiving the email about application approval.

Make sure to carry your passport and any other required documents while collecting the visa.

Family Visit Visa Fees

The fee totally depends on your nationality and the visa type you are applying for. For instance, a family visit visa now costs QR200 (about $55) for American nationals. Before processing the application, these fees must be paid in full and are not refundable. The most recent information should be confirmed with the relevant Qatari authorities as these fees are subject to change and may differ based on the applicant’s nationality.

So, it will be better for you to collect the most recent information from the appropriate officials.

Qatar Family Visit Visa Rejection

If your application gets rejected in 2023, within 30 days you will receive a notification about the submission of your application. You will get your fee back in case your application is accepted. So be careful while filling out your form and submit all the required documents. You can also contact the Qatar authorities for the latest info.

You will be guided on the rejection why your application got refused and what steps you need to follow to settle this issue. A Qatar family visit visa may be reconsidered in some cases but it’s also true that the decision of Qatar authorities is almost final.

How to Check Qatar Family Visit Visa Status

Your Qatar family visit visa can be tracked on the Moi website under Questions >> Visa Services >> Visa Approval Tracking. By carefully entering all the information, you can check the status of your Qatar visa.

Tips for a Successful Qatar Family Visit Visa Application

Complete the entire application.

You have to complete the application by filling it out properly While applying for a Qatar family visit visa.

Applications with complete information will be accepted so be careful that you put all the details in all fields and attach all the required documents.

Furnish All Supporting Evidence

To complete your Qatar family visit visa, you need to insert several required documents such as;

  1. Passport copy
  2. Passport-size photo
  3. Evidence of travel protection.

Further documentation proving your relationship with the family member you are visiting as well as their status in Qatar are required.

Payment of the Application Cost

You need to pay a full fee which is non-refundable while applying for a Qatar family visit visa application.

Apply in person

You need to deliver the Qatar Family Visit application to the Qatar Embassy or Consulate that is closest to you.

Observe the Processing

After applying for a Qatar family visit visa, your application may take two weeks to process. You need to be patient and you cannot contact the embassy for the information regarding your application status.


How can I apply for a family visit visa in Qatar via Metrash?

You can apply for a visa by creating an account on Metrash by filling out the important application forms. You need to assemble all the required documents and pay the full fee.

Do I need a hotel reservation for my family visit visa application in Qatar?

Yes, a confirmed hotel reservation is required for your stay in Qatar.

Can I convert my family visit visa to a Residence visa in Qatar?

Yes, you can transform your visit visa into a residence visa by applying it to the relevant authorities with all the required documents.

How much does a Qatar family visit visa cost?

The cost of a Qatar family visit visa is around QR 200 (approximately US $55). But it can vary by your visa type and nationality.

What documents are needed for a Qatar family visit visa?

You need the following documents while applying for a visa:

  • A copy of your passport
  • A photograph the same size as your passport
  • Evidence that you have travel insurance
  • And documentation proving your link to the family member you are visiting
  • You also need to provide proof of their status in Qatar.

How long does it take to process a Qatar family visit visa?

It normally takes two weeks to process your application and it will not be possible for you to contact the embassy about your application status during this time.


So, from the above discussion, you will be able to understand you need to be careful while applying for a Qatar family visit visa. You need to provide all the necessary documents while submitting your application. Typically two weeks will be enough for the processing of your application and you will not be able to contact the embassy during this time to get information about your application status. You are not permitted to work in Qatar as a visit visa holder and you have to leave Qatar before the expiry of your visa.

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