Qatar Family Visit Visa Requirements & Resources You Will Ever Need 

Qatar is a small Middle Eastern country with a great history, beautiful culture as well as a contemporary and effective society. To experience Arabian culture and the outlandish attractions of the region, a visit to Qatar is a great idea. But if you wish to visit with your family, then you must get a family visa. Here we will guide you about what you need to get your family visa. A family visit visa is essential while visiting Qatar with your family for all non-Qatari nationals except refugees and special permit holders.

Qatar Family Visit Visa Requirements

People who are interested in visiting Qatar country along with their family now asking for Qatar Family Visit visa requirements which are detailed below.

Age limit for Its Visa

  • A Qatar family visit visa must be applied for by all family members who are older than 18. 
  • Also required is parental or guardian consent in writing, signed by both parents, for minors traveling with their families.
  • show evidence of having enough money to pay for their stay in Qatar.
  • Possess a working credit or debit card to pay the visa fee.

The process of getting a Qatar family visit visa

The process of applying for a family visit visa is so plain and smooth.

  • Before applying, candidates must complete an online application form, which is available on the Qatari government’s official website. 
  • Applications must be accompanied by copies of a valid passport and other supporting documentation, including flight tickets, bank statements, and documents proving financial stability for minors. 
  • Applicants will receive a confirmation email outlining the status of their application. 
  • They will receive a visa acceptance letter if their application is accepted, and they must produce it at the Qatar airport immigration office when they arrive.

Visit Visa Fees

You can pay a one-time fee of QAR200 (approximately US$45) by using your debit or credit card while submitting the application for a visa or at the time of arrival at the immigration office at Qatar Airport.

Pay Requirements

It is also compulsory to provide proof of enough income for the applicants for a family visit visa. The salary obligation or family Qatar visa may change with the size of a family but it needs to be at least QAR 10,000 (approximately $2,735) per month.

Validity of Family Visit Visa

including the issue date, The Qatar family visa is sustainable for three months. However, you can extend the visa if needed by sending a request to the immigration authorities of Qatar.

Checklist for Qatar Visit Visa

With all the above-listed documents, applicants also need to provide several additional documents such as

Copies of current passports

  • A copy of the proof of adequate finances
  •  A duplicate of the airline tickets or reservation 
  • Evidence of legal custody of minors (if applicable) 
  • Evidence of current travel insurance

Wife and children:

  • A marriage license 
  • Copies of the husband’s passport or identification card
  • The children’s birth certificates.

After submitting the documents, applicants will receive a confirmation email describing their application status.

Note: It is better to remember that this process will take at least two weeks to complete while starting as soon as possible.

Relatives Applying for Visit Visas:

The process of a Qatar family visit visa for other family members like aunts, uncles, and cousins is a bit different.

  • a copy of the marriage license (if applicable) 
  • evidence of parental or legal guardian consent (if applicable).

The Procedure of Online Applying

Applicants can apply online for a Qatar family visit visa or can visit an embassy. The online procedure to apply for a visa is very simple and straightforward as applicants just have to fill out the online form, provide all the required documents, and scan their passport.

How to Apply for a Family Visit Visa Online?

Applicants should follow the given steps to apply for a Qatar family visit visa online

  1. Access the “Metrash2 App“.
Metrash2 app
  1. Choose the “Visa” icon.
click on Visa
  1. Go to “Issue Visa” on the menu.
click on Issue Visa
  1. From the menu, select “Family Visit“.
Family Visit
  1. Family Visa Application” should be chosen.
select the "Family Visa Application" option
  1. Go to “New Application.” 
  2. Put the visitor’s information in 
  3. Next, select “Validate.” 
  4. Scan or upload the necessary files or images. Similar to passports, the front and back pages of the Qatar ID should be uploaded on the same side. You may need a birth certificate as proof of your relationship as it is one of the documents which can be used to verify any relationship. You will get notified after some days. There is no need to worry at all! If you do not have matching documents. You will get a notification and can make the required changes. Once your application is approved, you can pay the fee.
  5. Following visa approval, online visa payments are due.

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