How much is a visa cost to Qatar?

fees may vary depending on the visa type and the duration of your stay.

While applying for a Qatar visa, You have to pay visa cost to Qatar which can be changed according to your nationality and the visa issuance date. After completing the procedure of paying application fees, you will get a receipt which after a year will expire and will make it impossible for you to schedule an interview.

How much is a visa cost to Qatar?

Here are some tips you should follow to reserve your money.

Cost of Qatar visas

In Qatar, visa fees are dependent on multiple factors such as the following:

  • Visa type
  • Duration of stay
  • Visitors nationality
  • Purpose of the visit
  • Below we make it easy for you to understand the visa cost with different types of visas.


  • visa cost to Qatar for QR100.
  • QR50 for each traveler with payment with a credit card
  • Either expired visas with a validity for a single month are liable to a daily penalty of QR200.


  • QR100 for each visa
  • QR50 for traveler on credit card payment
  • The authorities impose a daily penalty of QR200 for each expired visa.
  • Validity for one month with a two-month extension


  • Each visit visa cost to Qatar QR200 
  • QR50 for each traveler who made payments through credit card
  • QR200/month for an one-month prolongation
  • Eligibility for one month with a two-month extension


  • QR100 for each visa
  • QR50 when paying with a credit card
  • Expiring visa’s are fined QR200 per day 
  • Validity for a month with a two-month extension


  • Visas cost between QR200 and QR500.
  • Employment categories differ.
  • 14 to 30 day validity period


  • Monthly, QR10-500
  • QR10 single exit permit
  • They use QR500 for multiple exit permits.
  • Validity period of 1 year


  • Each member will pay QR200/visaQR50
  • With 1-month validity
  • QR 200/month for an extension


  • No fee applicable

Types of Qatar visa

There are multiple types of visas available according to your purpose of visit as Qatar has the Gulf’s fastest-growing economy.

Qatar Business Visa

A Qatari business visa authorizes expatriates to visit Qatar for a business purpose such as attending meetings, conferences, negotiating contracts, and researching prospective business prospects. Because, Qatari business visa is usually valid for 30 days and can be extended for another 30 days.

For getting a qatari business visa, the following documents are required to be present

  • a valid passport
  • an invitation letter from a Qatari enterprise or organization
  • proof of sufficient funds to cover their stay in Qatar
  • In contrast, before their visa is accepted, applicants may be required to submit  a medical examination and receive a security clearance.

Qatar Family Visa

This visa authorizes a foreign national who is working in Qatar to sponsor their immediate family members to come and live with them. The spouse, children, parents, and other family members who are dependent on the sponsor are included in the immediate family members.

Family Visit Visas

A family visit visa is a form of visa that enables foreign nationals to visit relatives who live in Qatar. This visa is normally given for one month and can be prolonged for another three months.

Visitors to the GCC

All qatari residents who worked as drivers and servants by residents of GCC states can avail this one month renewable visa.

GCC Residents Visit Visa

GCC residents can get a visa for 14 days, valid for one month, and renewed at any time upon arrival.

Visa application:

  • Travelers need to have a  permit and passport with six month validity
  • Return or onward ticket is important 

Qatar Multiple Entry Visa

Those who plan to visit Qatar multiple times during a specific time period can obtain multiple entry visas. These visas are usually valid for three months to a year and permit the holders to visit and depart Qatar many times during that time.

Joint Tourist Visa for Qatar

Tourist Visas for 33 countries are available at the Qatar entry. Such visas enable one to enter the nation before it actually expires and to swap countries inside that country at any moment before it expires.

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